I walked towards them, but instead of an eternal release from my suffering I just got a sausage

I was planning to sort of coast quietly into Christmas, on account of how many people are either away or too busy with the festivities to read and comment on blogs and also – mainly – the bluurrrrgh, where “the bluurrrrgh” means “I have come down with something and I’m trying to sleep a lot and talk not at all because I’m so tired and it all hurts and I don’t think I can cough any more and still keep all my vital bits inside”.

On the upside, the children have lost their abilities to scream, too. They just sort of squeak helplessly as they throw themselves to the floor and bury their frustrated, imploring, yet impotent faces into the carpet. Or maybe they’ve both simultaneously mastered the art of parody.

The saddest Christmas reindeer of all.

The saddest Christmas reindeer of all.

But my husband says he misses my sparklingly entertaining posts full of pictures snapped hurriedly with my iPhone. I think the lack of hurried pictures is particularly affecting him, or at least that’s what I’m rolling with tonight, because I’m not feeling sparkly or entertaining. And I recall promising… someone… Christmas lights, so that all works out.

Consider this my Christmas Card from me to you. I hope you are not feeling bluurrrrgh this season, and, uh, well – check it out. Lights.

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas!

Christmas Time in the City

Christmas Time in the Suburbs (includes sausage)

I remembered! It was Free But Fun who showed us the Stockmann Christmas windows in HelsinkiΒ and I promised to return the favour.

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