Now For The Cricket

When I said we were probably on a plane to Brisbane, like, right now, it turns out I was lying.

You see, I’d tossed up whether to book our flights for Tuesday the 17th or Wednesday the 18th, and although I ended up choosing the elephant with the pink tusk, in order to confantabulate the quintessential ostrich who stuck his head in the golden sand, and then I was giving a speech to my entire high school class and suddenly noticed I was naked.

Sorry, I think I bored myself half to sleep at some stage there. The point is I got my dates slightly mixed up when I scheduled the caption competition post and I’m sorry, parents and in-laws, for the confusion (and thanks for being such avid readers and I’ll sort you out for any unnecessary airport parking fees ASAP).

Meanwhile, we have indeed made it to Brisbane and I only lost one child at one airport on one occasion, and then only temporarily, so much better than expected. I’m due a solid catching up session with blogland and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Caption Competition

Loved having you join in. My favourites were from Meticulous Mick and Christy @ Kids R Simple. Feel free to add your own/again.  It’s not like one of those competitions with deadlines and prizes and limited entries (especially prizes) so knock yourself out. I’ve added a few of mine (captions, not prizes, obviously).

And now, for the cricket: