An Expat Christmas, Singapore

Following a long tradition of expatriates in Singapore, we’ve left for the holidays. This is actually the ghost of wordpress talking to you, or at least it will be if this scheduled post thingy works ok, which if you’re reading this it did and otherwise I’m sort of blathering to myself or actually not even myself since – see above – I’ve already left.

But before I went, Thrifty Travel Mama invited me to write the first (FIRST POST!!!) part in her series on expats doing Christmas around the world.


Stay tuned to Thrifty Travel Mama for more around-the-world Christmas awesomeness.

And for even more Christmas, you can check out the Multicultural Kids Blog series on Christmas In Different Lands.

Now. Assuming (again) that all’s gone to plan, we’re probably in Tasmania as you’re reading this, which means we’re probably enjoying one of Australia’s great Christmas traditions: the non-ratings period. So I thought, what with that and all the not-being-here, it would be in the spirit of the season to declare the rest of 2013 Non Ratings Season on my blog.

Your regular programming will resume at the start of 2014. Until then, I’ll be doing re-runs of popular episodes, intermingled with odds and ends that didn’t find a place during the ratings period plus whatever cricket matches happen to be on. Just like Australian non-ratings-period TV.

I’m going to do my best to keep up with your blog, but I will be fighting against the fact that my sister doesn’t own either a smart phone or an internet connection (she’s probably overcompensating for the fact we look so similar) so I won’t have decent online anything until I get to my parents’ house. And then I’ll be expected to socialise, I guess.

Also, if you’re a burglar, note I had this whole post fretting over my solo flights with the children, meaning my husband is still at home with the attack cat. Thought I’d clarify, so you can refrain from wasting your time trying to steal all our stuff in favour of reading some great posts about Christmas around the world.