Awardedness and Sunday Mo Watch

For some reason, a few people have decided to award me. No, you guys are awesome! No, really, you guys! Well, thanks but stop arguing with me! I said it’s you guys and I don’t want to hear any more contradictions! Understood?

Ok, so, um…


Raising Dragon Boy nominated me for the Liebster Award. Raising Dragon Boy has some good suggestions on things to do around Singapore with a youngster (Dragon Boy) and a few Mum’s Nights Off as well. I have probably promised to go to the SEA Aquarium in the school holidays, so it’s good to have a heads’ up.

A Spoonful of Style nominated me for the Sunshine Award. She’s an actual fashion journalist and (actual) mother, and she has a decent eye for interiors, too. Still love those couches.

Aaaaand The Blackberry Boys also gave me a Sunshine Award. She blogs from Hungary about kids, life, local soup festivities and sometimes wine, so obviously our blogs are just made for each other.



Yes. Well. Apparently I go all freezy freezy with nominations.

I’d like to put in a special mention for a few people who not only write great blogs but take the time to hang out and converse here, too.

Free But Fun writes from Helsinki and seems to know what to do with children in their spare time. It’s a revelation! (Although Vilma has been heavily nominated for awards recently so I won’t push for big response now.)

Bakeritalia has given me a number of good suggestions on various things (especially involving food) and can be found exploring Florence and cooking up a storm at Italy Take Two. DO NOT CLICK THROUGH TO HER CURRENT POST IF YOU ARE ON A DIET! Here’s something more balanced to click through to.

Christy from Kids R Simple and Expat Dad SG are locals – to me – who can be relied upon to suggest places my kids might like to go so we don’t get cabin fever staring at the same old walls over and over again.

And one more…

Let’s go with Three To Go, because they recently pointed out where to get babyccinos in Thailand. And that’s important.


This is where it gets complicated. So what I’m going to do is choose ONE of the questions I’ve been asked. I’ll answer it.

THEN I’ll choose a second question from the ones I’ve been asked. The first commenter gets to answer it.

THEN I’ll leave an additional question on the blog of the first commenter. So I’ll click over there and leave a question on a recent post. First person to find it and make a comment AND give their answer it I’ll leave a third question on their blog. And so on.

Or nobody will want to play and I’ll look silly in which case LOOK! MOUSTACHE!

Who looks silly now, huh?

Who looks silly now, huh?

So here’s my question:

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Either, as the occasion demands. I have just discovered tumeric tea, of all things.

Now the first commenter’s question:

What is your favorite movie?