Outside In

I’m not sure how the idea came about. I guess once Singapore was sufficiently consumed by air-conditioned shopping malls people starting craving for nature, so they built some land and put jungles inside air-conditioned mall-esque thingies, because, well, obviously. And (maybe I’ve been here too long) – it rocks!

We went “out” today, which is to say we spent the whole afternoon indoorsย exploring the Cloud Forest – a mountain-top experience for those who live in a country without mountaintops. We’ll add it to the nation’s snow, ice,ย frozen tundra, and insect kingdom.

In my defense, the sky looked like this:

Rainy season skies.

…although ironically, we only needed the rain gear inside:

Raincoats (and warm coats) inside Cloud Forest, Marina Bay, Singapore.

Thankfully, just as it started feeling too wild and remote, there were reassuring views:

Singapore Flyer (and related skyline).

This post ties in with the last of Eszter’s weekend photo challenges (she is strangely absent – apparently a last-minute surprise trip!). The theme is “out and about”. These people also participated: