Not with the Hair on his Chinny Chin Chin

Here it is folks: A’s chin.

P accepted the sight very calmly (including the part where he calmly expressed a desire to eat afternoon tea with the bearded stranger at the next table instead of his own father). T didn’t make a fuss either, although her face looked like this for a long time:

T's face in Movember.

As for me, I kept staring, fascinated:

This kind of fascinated

This kind of fascinated.

…but at least I didn’t let out a loud squawk in the middle of an international conference call, like one of A’s colleagues, or lose my stuff like this little girl (hat tip Vee for the video).

I did – and still do – feel a strange compulsion to document this new not-beardedness:

I might get over that eventually, but in the meantime be prepared for Mo-watch 2013.

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