We Now Pause Your Regularly-Scheduled Program

…to give you a last look at this beard:

Today A told his work colleagues that if they pledged $400 or more (to be donated to men’s health charities) he would shave his face clean tomorrow in preparation for Movember. They whipped up $750 in pledges without really trying. They either hate the beard or they are just keen to make him do what they want, for once.

I have spent the evening consoling P and explaining, over and over, that facial hair grows back. In fact, the moustache will start regrowing immediately, with the rest of the beard doing a catchup in December – just in time for our Christmas flight home to Australia. This is important because A’s original motivation for growing the beard in late 2001 was to mess with airport security.

A is doing Movember with ExpatDadSG.Β In case you want to donate/get involved but prefer to do so in your own country (and provided you live in one of the following countries) you can go to Movember USA, Movember Canada, Movember UK, Movember Australia, or… do you know what? Just try google. Movember seems to be in a lot of places.

Prepare for the clean-shaven version tomorrow…