Everything and the Big Reveal

So! I was under the impression that we were going to have wifi at the Bangalore hotel (probably because it was advertised as having wifi), and technically, I guess, we did – but only about three comments’ worth.  Certainly not enough to finish and publish the post I half-baked before we left. I don’t know – maybe we didn’t tip properly? Update: A sends me this diagram about where wifi fits into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

In any case we are back, we had a fantastic time, and I want to tell you about it way more than I want to sort out a whole pile of stinky laundry, but at the same time I’m not keen on walking to the kindergarten naked tomorrow morning like one of those anxious nightmares everyone apparently has, so instead I will leave you with this slightly-more-baked but very belated photo challenge post – kids and sleep – which includes  our Outfits Of The Day for Saturday, the day of the Big Ceremony. And then I will go and read your stuff because you are awesome. And then I will sort out stinky laundry. Probably. And at some point I’ll tell you all about it, try and stop me.


Some children don’t sleep well. There is no need to feel bad about this, unless you are literally feeding your child on a diet of coke – and by “coke” I don’t mean cola. Actually I do, and I don’t think it’s the least bit hysterical to lump soft drinks in with illegal stimulants, because I gained my sense of parenting perspective from reading online mummy forums.

In any case, cola wasn’t necessary when it came to disrupting the sleep of my darling firstborn, who used to wake us hourly with his piercing cry. My mother assured me this period would last but a few, scant years, but in her defence, she was long finished parenting by the time smartphones were invented.

At least have the courtesy to wake us personally.

The twenty-first century digital boy instinctively knows how to use technology and automation to achieve maximum impact with minimal effort.

I was going to punish him, but I might want to put him in charge of my social media.

Life, and especially travel, is harder with a poor sleeper. I can say this with authority, because I have experienced both ends of the spectrum:

Not featured: the photo I can’t find where T put her head down on the top of her father’s head whilst riding on his shoulders and nodded contentedly off, leaving A to worry about how he was going to stop a slumbering toddler falling backwards from his neck and braining herself on the concrete.

No matter what depths of sleep deprivation you plumb, however, on some days it’s worth the journey:

Family picture at S and I's wedding in Bangalore.

This is the only picture of all four of us together, and from our expressions I can’t imagine why we didn’t take more.

(And one more so you can see the earrings:)

Don't see the wrinkles, though, only the earrings. THE EARRINGS!

Don’t see the wrinkles, though, only the earrings. THE EARRINGS!

This post is part of Eszter’s Weekend Photo Challenge (sleeping). Here’s everyone else I found-

And please tell me off in the comments if I missed you.