This Week In Festivities

It’s been a week of festivities here. It started off with Ginny’s Blog Shine Sunday, at which I was honoured to be mentioned along with six other bloggers. Ginny writes about minimalism, which is a topic close to the heart of every traveller who has ever gone misty-eyed over the thought of circumnavigating the globe with nothing more than a small bag containing a change of underwear (and the equivalent of about a million dollars, plus a man-servant). Highly recommended is her post on recreating the same dress into three different outfits with the help of a few accessories in a light suitcase.

blog shine sunday

Then there was the Hungry Ghost Festival. Technically, this one came before Blog Shine Sunday (this year, it runs from August 7th until September 4th), but the amount of paper money and incense burning around our neighbourhood has increased dramatically this week, as if everyone has suddenly been jolted into action by the impending close of August. Unfortunately for my quiet, beer-sitting designs, it seems our local food court is still packed to the rafters until all hours of the night – despite this age-old wisdom (via Cadance Cherry) making the rounds of the Singaporean blogosphere. I was hoping to reap the rewards of being a cultural outsider to these rituals, in much the same way as I enjoy visiting Halal food courts during Ramadan or not having to compete with absolutely everybody for Christmas anything.

Speaking of Christmas, if you’re organised enough to be thinking about it already, Free But Fun can give you the inside story on Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle. With my eldest already questioning the existence of the tooth fairy – even before he’s lost his first tooth – my window of opportunity to take this trip with a full set of believers is rapidly closing. (Grandparents: if you’re reading this and you want to talk Christmas 2014, email me.)

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. The last festival that happened this week was Raksha Bandhan. I’d actually never heard of it until one of the other mothers started chatting to me at the gate of the kindergarten earlier this week. When I came home, I was treated to The Bangalore Snob’s artistic take on it – I love her illustrations. I wish we had a festival like that one.

For tonight, I’ll have to make do with late beers. Wish me luck with the ghosts.

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