The Big Four-Eight

Today’s the day of Singapore’s Forty-Eighth Anniversary National Day Parade (sometimes shortened to NDP13 for those who, like me, wish to convey that they’re hip enough to be part of an exclusive crowd with its own hard-to-decipher lingo.)

Over the past month, we’ve enjoyed the rehearsal highlights from Gardens By The Bay East, Tanjong Rhu, where “highlights” is defined by my 5yo as fireworks, people making parachute jumps, fighter jets making flyovers, and helicopters toting enormous flags – but not rousing, multicultural dance routines, marching bands, videos of civil defence personnel reminiscing about their experiences, or even fun packs (for which you’d have to move a bit closer to the float at Marina Bay).

I’d like to invite anyone and everyone to join the celebrations however you can – either by browsing the NDP 2013 website {no longer available}, injecting a tiny bit of red and white into your day (I’ll be sporting puffy eyes against palid skin*), or by heading down to Marina Bay/Tanjong Rhu to marvel at all the noisy, shiny things up in the sky. Celebrations continue until the 11th. Happy Birthday Singapore!

Flying that Singaporean flag.

Flying that captivatingly-oversized Singaporean flag.

Gardens By The Bay East (aka Bay East Gardens) can be reached by bus 158 or taxi. Marina Bay is easier to get to and has a greater variety of action, but is louder, more crowded, and provides less scope for scootering up and down between noisy shiny things.

*The cold is slowly getting better, just in time for the kids to fall victim. Could have been worse…