The Cat Herder and the Organised Holiday

When the cat’s away- I’m experimenting with bringing back 70’s disco-speak, since I didn’t get to try it the first time around. Mum – if you’re reading – feel free to tell me how I’m going. For those of the internet generation, jump back now: I’m using the word “cat” to refer to my husband, that “crazy cat”. You dig? Right on, slammin’, let’s boogie. Actually, Mum, never mind, it’s clearly not working out for me.

The point is, with A away, I’m taking the opportunity to do two things: 1) come down with a raging sinus infection; and 2) do a little organising for our next trip (wild, man). I thought I’d take a leaf out of the book of Georgie M of This Traveller’s Tales. She uses spreadsheets to plan out her holidays. So does Jo, of Frugal First Class Travel, who gives us a beginner’s guide to Gant charting, complete with a traffic-light colour-coding system. I can do this, I thought, several hours ago. Here’s where I got to:

Gant chart of Banglore journey.

I wasn’t impressed with my efforts either.

…before I was distracted by Free But Fun’s bright idea for keeping little fingers under control (and little noses busy) in shopping centres, the patient mother’s description of their Australian Road Trip from Coober Pedy to Yurala, a whole host of wonderful images (but especially the street art) over at Tokidoki (and some different images – this time of Kerala – at The Girl Next Door); a parents-eye view of the shopping malls of India at Around The World With Kids, a thoroughly-well-argued essay on slow travel by a fellow Jules Verne fan at Asia Sketches, and this touching series of photos about making Ganapati’s Idol at Wheels On Our Feet.

Of course, I didn’t do all that getting distracted by myself. The kids helped by refusing to sleep until 10:30pm. Did I mention I have a raging sinus infection?

Towards the end of all this, A emailed me asking if there was some way I could rearrange all the flights to add a visit to Mumbai (probably not, if I recall the airline booking conditions correctly), thus reinforcing my subconscious belief that learning is valuable, but doing is not. Here’s what my Gant Chart looks like now:

Messed up gant chart.

A big load of question marks. And to be honest, there should just be question marks along the top, where the dates are supposed to go, and not just down the sides, where the stuff I need to organise is supposed to go.

And that is why cat-herders- I’m not doing disco-speak now, I’m referring to those who have to organise people who don’t have the slightest bit of group awareness – have a hard time with Gant charts. I conclude that the rest of my time this evening is better spent reading blogs than coordinating my children’s travel wardrobes. Which may be unwise, but let’s not get heavy (yeah, I’ll stop) – just grab me a panadol and a cup of decaffeinated lemon tea and tell me a good story for bedtime.

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