Trips Down

I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic this week, and not just because we’re back in our old stomping grounds of Brisbane. Actually, it probably is that. By the way, if you’re a thief you should probably know that our place in Singapore is currently occupied, just not by us. At any rate, I’ve been remembering some of the wonderful times we’ve had over the years. For example:

  • I’ve been enjoying some of The Most Beautiful Places In Europe. This shot from Riga brought back fond memories of the time I used a direct trial and error language learning process to acquire the phrase “pig offal soup” in Latvian, after which I bought a phrase book.
  • Mcdnjim is on tour in Germany right now, and you can see the itinerary in a post written on day T-1. Last time I was in Germany we were barely solvent and spent a lot of time doing things like sitting on lattes in all-night coffee shops and sleeping it off the next day in a park, so it’s good to read something that puts a few bits and pieces together for me.
  • Tiny Itchy Feet reminded me of how we planned to go to Hanoi and Halong Bay with our 10mo and 3.5yo, and then at the last minute, couldn’t. We must put that one back on the list.
  • Finally, my new favourite blog: Woodlands to Waterloo. The five members of the Shine family (including three kids aged two to eight) are on a very entertaining adventure, and I don’t think you’ll regret joining them. Check out this typical day of travel on day two in Kuala Lumpur. Their trip has got me thinking about when we set out from Waterloo Station with plans to travel overland to Singapore, went as far as Hong Kong, got side-tracked for seven months teaching English in mainland China, and somehow ended up in Tokyo. We must finish that Hong Kong to Singapore leg someday. Apparently it only takes a couple of weeks, with three kids and sightseeing, if you put on the pace and do a tiny bit of flying. Can’t wait to hear more.

And a few photos for you from our current, real-life memory lane:

He looks contemplative, but really he is just sleepy after the all-night flight.

He looks contemplative, but he’s actually in danger of falling asleep in the tree after the all-night flight.

Little T never forgets a babyccino.

Little T never forgets a babyccino.

Everyone who spent their childhood in Brisbane remembers riding the lions at King George Square.

Everyone who spent a childhood in Brisbane remembers riding the lions at King George Square.