Who Went? One 10mo, one 3yo, mum, dad, and Auntie M.

Review: Great little day trip, although it was a very full day for the little ones. They lasted ok, though, as it was fairly unstructured, allowing a lot of time for resting and for everyone to split up as needed.

Highlights: Catamaran ride, kite flying, swimming, fish feeding trip, and of course feeding the dolphins.

Challenges: Eldest got a little seasick on the way over, but soon recovered and was fine on the way back. It was a long day for the kids, but with three adults to two children, it was manageable.

Price Bracket: Low. It wasn’t cheap for a day trip, but because it was only a day trip, it was cheap for a holiday. It would edge into the moderate category if you had to fly there and stay.

Three Photos:

Feeding the wild dolphins.

Feeding the wild dolphins.

On the promenade.

On the promenade.


We took the dolphin feeding cruise.

  • Drive to Holt Street Wharf and check in, leaving car in car park (extra parking fee)
  • Boat ride to Tangalooma (10am, 75 minutes)
  • Bum around on beach, look through information centre, afternoon fish feeding boat trip (extra charge), afternoon talk at information centre (eldest and one parent), lunch and dinner (extra charge), kite flying, playing in playground
  • After dinner gather at jetty to see and feed wild dolphins
  • Board catamaran immediately after feeding dolphins for 7pm departure back to Holt Street Wharf (75 minutes)
  • Drive home