Binna Burra

Who Went? One 7mo, mum and dad.

Review: Not a bad choice for a short trip. We stayed in one of the Casuarina Rooms at the Mountain Lodge, which was very comfortable – but you can get something fancier if you want. The restaurant was friendly and welcoming for children (and had a lovely view). The staff know about babies and will try and leave the adjoining cabin free if possible in case the baby cries during the night. This was one of our early trips with a baby and we hadn’t quite adjusted our protocols yet, but the bushwalking went well and the scenery and nearby coffee shop were both lovely. The thing we really got right was keeping it low-key, with not many activities, and going somewhere quiet and restful.

Highlights: Bushwalking, drinking coffee, appreciating the views and the peacefulness. Friendly staff and fellow-guests.

Challenges: Nothing against the place itself, we just needed to pack warmer, break up the journey better, and adjust our techniques a bit. The car ride was probably a bit too long for our baby (we’ve never experienced the magic car-sleeping baby or the magic day-sleeping baby and we would have got there eventually and more happily if we’d known a few more places to stop along the way). We were caught out by the low temperatures overnight, even though it was the middle of summer (we were fine but it turns out infants get cold more easily, especially if they’re used to living in the tropics, who knew). We also had the temerity to keep putting beloved back in his cot to sleep, which didn’t turn out well (we have since ditched the idea of using a cot on holiday).

These days, with a 2yo and a 5yo, we would consider either upgrading to a cabin with a private bathroom or a self-catering apartment OR swapping for a campsite (the latter certainly in a year or more), but an in-room washbasin with nearby shared bathroom is as much as you need for a 7mo baby. After all, the sink works as a bath and they don’t need to use the toilet at no notice whatsoever even though you just asked them about that three minutes ago. And you are better off feeding them outside on the lawn anyway, rather than in any kitchen you might be responsible for cleaning. The shared bathroom was very near so it was fine for us adults.

Price Bracket: Low. It was a short break by car. You could reduce your costs by using the campsite instead of the cabins.

Three Photos:

Dad and P admire the scenery

Pro-tip: baby food jars make good wine glasses in a pinch.

Loaded up, ready to head out along the track.

Loaded up, ready to head out along the track.

Taking a bush break.

Taking a bush break.


Day One

  • Drive from Brisbane to Binna Burra (2-3hrs)
  • Overnight in Casuarina room

Day Two

  • Casual bushwalking, coffee shop, walk around grounds
  • Overnight in Casuarina room

Day Three

  • Pack
  • Drive from Binna Burra to Brisbane (2-3hrs)