Thredbo, Sydney

Who Went? One child, 2yo, mum and dad and a group of childless friends.

Review: The ski trip was an ideal choice for a holiday with childless friends, largely because we could so easily break up the party. We rented a self-catering apartment split across two levels. Everyone was able to set their own activities and choose their own level of interaction/avoidance. The stops in Sydney broke up the journey nicely and kept everyone rested and sane. Thredbo was an easy enough drive from Sydney – plenty of parks to stop at by the highway, and this time we remembered to pack our phones full of music to ease the miles – and getting around the village once there was a snap. Fun was had.

Highlights: mini road trip, snow, obviously (despite the grass seen in the picture below it was adequate for a spot of casual skiing and more than adequate for snow play).

Challenges: 2yo is still a bit too young for ski lessons, so we parents had to split up to take turns babysitting. In the end this didn’t make so much difference as I was pregnant anyway and decided against skiing. The other challenge was the fact that our boy didn’t sleep so well in his cot. It wasn’t the cold – it was a repeated pattern with our holidays in any kind of weather. Soon after this trip, we gave up on the idea of using a cot on holiday and instead started making sure beds were configurable for cosleeping the youngest with me (because I could sleep through the last coming) whilst Dad rested elsewhere (because he couldn’t). Tossing some blankets onto the living room couch was as close as we managed that time around.

Price Bracket: Moderate. We reduced costs by getting together in a group to self-drive, self-cater, and share accommodation.

Three Photos:

Snow shoeing on the roof of Australia.

Snow shoeing on the roof of Australia.

Snow baby.

Snow baby.

Finishing up the trip with some sightseeing in Sydney - view from Centrepoint Tower.

Finishing up the trip with some sightseeing in Sydney – view from Centrepoint Tower.


Day One

  • Fly to Sydney (2hrs)
  • Car from airport, overnight in Sydney

Day Two

  • Shop for groceries
  • Miniture train exhibition
  • Load up car

Day Three

  • Pick up final members of group, drive to Thredbo (5hrs)
  • Overnight at self-catering apartment

Days Four, Five, Six, Seven

  • At leisure on the snow – skiing, snowboarding, snow play, snow shoeing (toddler in ergo carrier), chair lift rides up non-skiier’s lifts for hot chocolate, nightlife for non-parents.
  • Stay at self-catering apartment

Day Eight

  • Check out, drive to Sydney
  • Overnight Sydney

Day Nine

  • Rest day/sightseeing in Sydney
  • Overnight at airport hotel

Day Ten

  • Early flight home (2hrs)